Based in the United Arab Emirates, Gamma Holdings Limited is a premier group that administers schools and nurseries across Dubai and Sharjah which provide the best in class education.

To further raise the standards of the educational system, Mr. Nabil Lahir, the CEO of Gamma Holdings Ltd, conceptualized the creation of an educational management company called LEAMS (Leading Education And Management Solutions). The foundation of LEAMS was the drive to bring about high quality education with the help of a competitive intelligence. All its campuses deliver diverse educational programs whilst offering stimulating multi-cultural learning environments for students.

We believe that every child is unique in their own way. With quality education, we offer well equipped state-of -the -art facilities ranging from exclusive libraries, techno-savvy labs, STEAM / Robotic educational projects, and lastly, happiness and wellbeing centers. LEAMS group of schools is an inspirational space, with an encouraging learning environment. We inspire our students to explore their talents through a wide range of activities like sports, after-school and creative activities, community development programs. As an Inclusive school,we value and boost the talents of the gifted and the students with determination.

Perseverance and contribution at every turn of the wheel has helped us achieve our current standing of a total of 6000+ students across all our schools and nurseries in the UAE.

Child empowerment through Skill development

At LEAMS, we provide an empowering environment to develop our students to get an impact to move beyond the classroom walls and continue to be skillful, long after when they are out of our sight. We believe that there is no better time to be skillful as early as possible. We bridge with many companies to provide many opportunities for our students to ensure the child is empowered and skilled.

Facilities amongst the best in Dubai

At LEAMS, we claim and provide complete state-of-the-art facilities for children of all ages, whether in learning a basic day-to-day activity or looking to improve endurance and technique for a specific subject. Our expert team supports the students of all ages and make them stand different among the crowd. We are what’s next!

Emphasize on Quality Education

The true power of good learning is Quality education. We emphasize on quality teaching and developing our students with better capabilities to become economically productive, develop sustainable livelihoods, contribute to peaceful and democratic societies and enhance individual well-being.


A HUGE thank you from Wisdom Books Trading to The Oxford School Dubai which is a part of the Leams group in helping to make our book fair a success on 2nd July 2019. We achieved our main goal – to promote reading and watching the children discover new books – success has no price tag. The Leams group team and the school faculty equally understood the importance of inculcating the culture of reading amongst the children and believes in value based education. They went out of their way to offer us the best facilities and support to make the event a huge success. Wisdom Books Trading looks forward to many more collaborations with them in the future.

Mukesh Bhatia

General Manager - Wisdom Books Trading LLC

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