Afrin Shaikh Parent of student Anaya Shaikh FS1C

As a foundation teacher myself (not at this school), I had strong feelings about the type of school I was looking for. A school experience should be fun and engaging, and allow children to grow into their best selves, we enrolled at The Oxford School. My child is happy and thriving! The lessons are creative and hands-on, and the curriculum is rich and challenging. Each week we get wonderful pictures and great detail about each lesson and child development. The teachers are warm and welcoming. Initially my daughter faced health issues and was not very enthuastic to have a happy school life

Sadaf Attai Parent of student Obaid Vaseem FS 2G

I am really happy with my son's improvement in phonics and number recognition within a few days of going to school. I love that teachers are so kind and always available on ClassDojo to guide us. He is making new friends and absolutely loves going to school.