LEAMS Education ready to implement the advanced learning tools

LEAMS Education ready to implement the advanced learning tools

The UAE Government’s recent restructuring of the country’s education system including the creation of the Federal Authority for Early Education to develop comprehensive plans to follow up the child development from birth to the fourth grade, will help prepare the young students to develop skills crucial for the new digital economy powered by the 4th Industrial Revolution – some of which has already been adopted by LEAMS Education Organization in its schools.

As the global economy embraces the 4th Industrial Revolution that is disrupting traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and industries, governments and private sector organisations now need human resources with new digital skills to manage the new business processes – that are completely digital and runs on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Robotics and protected by Cyber Security. This requires an overhaul of the education system to develop better-equipped human resources with the right skill set.

“The correct development of our children is the guarantee of our education’s success,” His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, said in a recent statement. “After consultation with my brother, President His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, we announce a major structural change in the UAE’s education sector.”

UAE Government has recently restructured the country’s education system by creating the Federal Authority for Early Education and appointing Sara Musallam as the Minister of State for Early Education.

Affiliated with the UAE Cabinet, the Authority will be responsible for developing policies, strategies, legislations and programmes related to the educational needs of the early childhood stage. It will be responsible for setting regulations, standards, issuing licenses and monitoring government and private nurseries in the country in coordination with the competent local authorities, and working with parents to enhance their role in early childhood stage.

Early coding, or precoding, offers children experiences that integrate communication, thinking, and problem solving. Children can be immersed in versatile activities that align with multiple areas, like math, problem solving, communication, and literacy.

Although most educational institutions might not be aware of these changes, schools under the management of LEAMS Education – namely The Apple International School, The Oxford School, The Indian Academy and The Apple International Community School – have already undertaken new initiatives that fall in line with the new and advanced curriculum that helps young boys and girls to develop skills that will help them to take up leadership positions in the new digital era.

Nabil Lahir, Chief Executive Officer of LEAMS Education, says, “As a forward-looking education group, I am happy to announce that we have already initiated some of these advanced curriculums to help build our students for the future. It is absolutely crucial to incorporate advanced technology at the early stages of education, especially Coding and Robotics – so that children can start preparing themselves for the future needs.

“Technology, innovation, analytical thinking and creativity are some of the most important aspects that need to be embedded in the new education programmes.

“Our approach to education is very simple – prepare the students to be better skilled for the future so that they can dominate the future job market and take up leadership position. I am glad the UAE Government has announced the restructuring of the education system – in order to make the country future-ready with a population that will dominate the future.”

LEAMS Education, a UAE-based education management company, is a 42-year-old premier group that administers schools and nurseries across Dubai and Sharjah which provide the world class education.

The foundation of LEAMS Education is based on a vision to provide quality education at affordable cost and it has been successful in achieving what it has aimed for, with its group of schools, which have both UK and CBSE curriculums available for its students. International Well Building Institute (IWBI) has recognised the efforts of LEAMS Education with its Well Health-Safety rating for creating a favourable learning environment across all its five schools in Dubai post COVID-19.

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