We help millions of parents get a great education for their children.

More About Our Work

Parent Participation Programes

Our emphasis is on parent involvement programs. We believe that it aids in the kids’ social functioning. We understand that students who have support from parents at home not only can excel at academics but also develops a life-long love for learning. Students with involved parents tend to have better peer interactions. Their social skills also seem to be more advanced. Notably, advanced social skills, in turn, lead to better academic outcomes. We focus to equip our students to reach their academic potential through parental engagement programs.

School Options

We provide variety in curriculum for our students. Using trusted GOOD Schools Ratings from KHDA, we offer wide options to parents to choose the school according to their needs.

Supporting Advocacy

Our mission is to behold the truth. We offer on-the-ground organizers, education and civil rights advocacy groups, and researchers with useful data and insights to help parents and communities to analyze and understand school quality, discover inequities and create a positive learning environment for our students.

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