Leams Education Services

Mrs. Shraddha Shirgaonker

We began School in April 2022 with TIAD. First ever experience attending Physical school for my girls. With mixed emotions, apprehension and hopes. Soon I realized we are blessed with the Best Teacher and School. So cooperative, understanding, caring, and motivating. The Best was the Mother's Day experience...!! It was heart-touching in the true sense. After that, I was keen to be a part of the school in any way I could. I just loved the vibe and the positivity that the kindergarten had. Well, I was quite honoured to get to be the Parent Comrade. Thanks to the Class Teacher and HOD of Kindergarten for this opportunity and experience. Since I was a part of Parent Comrade, I could meet other Parent Comrades, interact with and be like a communicator between Parents and School. Honestly never faced any flak cause in my experience, the Teachers have impeccable records of handling matters with utmost diligence and urgency. The Class Teachers are so approachable and understanding. The Parents hardly have any complaints, if any then immediately taken care of. Being a part of Parent Comrade I could closely observe how dedicated the Teachers are towards these Tiny Tots. I realized my girls were not just in safe hands but the best hands. I was also a part of the Team which met with the inspectors during the KHDA School Inspection, and I realized it’s not just me but even other Parents who had similar experiences with the school. And along with Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary is also like a second home for these kids at TIAD. By attending regular meetings, and seeing the progress and achievements with a closer perspective I realized how much effort the Teachers and the HODs put behind the scene, working around the clock to give the Best for these children. The entire team of Teachers works with passion, my personal experience being with Teacher Nadiya, Teacher Habiba and Ms Rakhee Bernadite. Truly been a memorable, wonderful, and amazing experience being a Parent Comrade. I heartfelt Gratitude to Teacher Nadiya and Rakhee Ma'am for letting me be a part of it. Love being a part of TIAD.

Lineesh Rajan

My Daughter Tanishka Lineesh is studying in Grade 3 Bat TIAD. Ms Humera Fathima is the class teacher. The best part of TIAD is that kids are being given individual attention and I am very satisfied to see Tanishka’s progress both academically and in extracurricular activities. She has developed into a confident and capable child. Teachers find creative ways to explain things to the children to learn and understand the lesson easily. I appreciate all the wonderful teachers of the primary department for their hard work, commitment, and patience. We are happy to be a part of TIAD!

Ms. Sheeba Moideen Parent of Nazia Moideen.

A big thank you to all the hard-working staff at The Indian Academy who work so hard to establish a positive and accommodating environment for all the children. TIAD School has created an environment which has allowed my daughter to thrive academically and socially. My ward has improved so much over the past 02 months, especially in her personality. She has loads of confidence now and is always happy to come to school. We have noticed a drastic change happened in her. She loves her teachers and classmates and looks forward to schooling every day. Thank you for making a difference in my child's life.