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Student Achievement

We are proud of the accomplishments of our students across academics, sports, leadership and other areas. From academic honours to noteworthy contributions in extracurricular activities, our students exemplify the spirit of achievement and the holistic education that defines LEAMS.

Here are some diverse talents and successes of our students, reflecting the commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are poised for success in both academic and real-world pursuits. LEAMS Education schools inspire excellence by unlocking potential.

Here are some noteworthy achievements in recent years

TIAD Triumphs in CBSE UAE Cluster Under-19 Championship (2024)
TIAD’s talented under-19 badminton team emerged victorious in the 2024 CBSE UAE Cluster Under-19 tournament. Their exceptional skills and teamwork shone throughout the competition, leading them to a well-deserved win. This triumph is a testament to the dedication and hard work put in by the players and their coaches.

TIAD Shines at Dubai Games Across Multiple Categories (2024)
TIAD’s winning streak continued at the 2024 Dubai Games, where they secured victories in multiple badminton categories. The players showcased their versatility and dominance across various skill levels, proving themselves to be a force to be reckoned with in the Dubai badminton scene. Further details regarding the specific categories won by TIAD are unavailable, but their accomplishment is no less impressive.
These remarkable achievements by TIAD in 2024 highlight the badminton program’s strength and the immense talent of its athletes. Congratulations to the entire TIAD badminton team on their well-deserved wins!

LEAMS Education and Unique World Robotics Team Up for NASA Space Apps Challenge UAE (2024)!

LEAMS Education is excited to announce a collaborative mission with Unique World Robotics to propel our students towards the stars in 2024! This October, we’ll be joining forces for the 2024 NASA Space Apps Challenge UAE, taking place on October 5th & 6th.

Through this partnership, LEAMS schools will host specialized bootcamps led by Unique World Robotics’ experts. These workshops will equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the Challenge’s real-world problems and develop innovative solutions for the space industry. LEAMS will also streamline the registration process and actively promote this electrifying event within our school network and beyond.

Together with Unique World Robotics, we’re fostering an environment that ignites a passion for space exploration and empowers students to become the next generation of space pioneers in 2024. Join us on this exciting journey as we inspire young minds to reach for the stars!

We are delighted to announce that two of our talented students from The Oxford School, Abdullah Qaiser (Year 11) and Mariam Hamada (Year 9), , achieved remarkable success at the Mazameer Al Dawoud Interschool Qirath Competition organized by Bukhatir Education. Their dedication and exceptional recitation skills shone brightly as they emerged victorious in the competition.

The LEAMS community congratulates Abdullah and Mariam on this impressive accomplishment in 2024. Their triumph is a true testament to their hard work, perseverance, and commitment to Islamic studies. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and wish them continued success in their future endeavours.

Our star students, Dev Vishnu and Taabia Khan , continue their winning streak with yet another win for UAE at the IBERDROLA Spanish Junior Open 2023! We couldn’t be more proud of their consistent performance and determination to succeed.

The Indian Academy students have consistently brought home medals, and now, the juniors are joining their ranks! They’ve clinched numerous medals in AEROPLANE UBL, U.A.E. Badminton Gold Junior Championship 2023, leaving a trail of excellence in their wake.

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards(UAE Topper)
Saarah Moutasim of Year 11 from the Oxford School for being the UAE Topper in Enterprise, in the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for June 2023!

The Indian Academy’s outstanding students have emerged as Champions 🏆 in the CBSE UAE Cluster Badminton Tournament for Under 19 Boys , Under 19 Girls and Under 17 Girls categories

Our incredible 5th-grade Oxfordian, who has made us immensely proud of his exceptional swimming achievements! From the Hamilton Athletics to the Middle East Open Junior Swimming Competition and the UAE Swimming Federation Championship, he brought home an astounding total of 26 medals and 4 trophies.

Elroy John D’cruz from Year 5E at Apple International School shines securing 3rd runners-up in the Abacus Category B at the UCMAS National Competition 2023.

ABHINAV JOJO of Apple International School clinched the Silver Medal at the UAE National Archery Competition- Emirates League 2023-24, hosted by the UAE Archery Federation. 🥈✨

Matteo Lucas Dioquino, the swimming sensation of Apple International Community School, for bringing home 5 Golds and 2 Silvers at the Speedo Development Gala Competition held at Dubai College.

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