Leams Education Services

Our Journey

Based in the United Arab Emirates, LEAMS Education is a premier group that administers schools across Dubai which provide the high quality education.

The foundation of LEAMS Education is based on a vision to provide quality education at affordable cost. We continue to strive for the same all the while offering comprehensive world-class facilities and infrastructure to our students at all our UK and CBSE curriculum-based schools.

We believe that every child is unique in their own way. With quality education, we offer well equipped state-of -the -art facilities ranging from exclusive libraries, techno-savvy labs, STEAM / Robotic educational projects, and lastly, happiness and wellbeing centers. LEAMS group of schools is an inspirational space, with an encouraging learning environment. We inspire our students to explore their talents through a wide range of activities like sports, after-school and creative activities, community development programs.

Perseverance and contribution at every turn of the wheel has helped us achieve our current standing of a total of 10000+ students across all our schools in the UAE.

Our Journey

Discover excellence. Nurture brilliance. Unleash their future.