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What Our Parents Say

LEAMS schools, while distinct, share a common commitment to close collaboration with parents. Recognizing the pivotal role parents play in their children’s academic success, we actively involve them in classrooms and extend this engagement beyond the United Arab Emirates.

Our diverse community provides a rich network of parents, guardians, and caregivers, offering valuable knowledge and support. To leverage this collective expertise, we host carefully planned parental involvement programs regularly, fostering a strong partnership between educators and parents.


We're highly pleased with the education our son Sean is receiving at Apple International School. The Teachers are truly invested in the education of the students and to their growth as a learner. The learnings from the school have enabled our son to gain confidence in his learning abilities. We're proud that our son was elected Student Council President for the year, an honor for our family. We're grateful to the school for this positive experience and look forward to seeing the continued progress. Thank you to the staff for their efforts in making this a successful educational experience for all.

Mr. & Mrs. Albon Parents of Sean Joseph Albon , Year 11 E The Apple International School

Apple International School played a vital role in developing my child Hannah's learning skills, providing a structured environment for her academic development in various subjects. School also played a crucial role in Hannah's emotional development, where teachers and counsellors supported the development of self-esteem, resilience, and coping skills. They provided a safe and supportive environment for children to express their emotions and regulate them. The school helped to develop cognitive skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making, encouraging Hannah to ask questions, think independently, and connect different subjects.

Mr. Nelson Parent of Hannah, Year 21 The Apple International School

I want to thank you personally as my kids love the school and teachers. The school environment is so positive and constructive. I can see my children confidence has increased because of the positive attitude of the team of Oxford. I feel blessed that my kids are studying and learning here in "The Oxford school".

Parent of Ali Shamsi 2D and Muhammad Shamsi 8D The Oxford School

A big thank you to all the hard-working staff at The Indian Academy who work so hard to establish a positive and accommodating environment for all the children. TIAD School has created an environment which has allowed my daughter to thrive academically and socially. My ward has improved so much over the past 02 months, especially in her personality. She has loads of confidence now and is always happy to come to school. We have noticed a drastic change happened in her. She loves her teachers and classmates and looks forward to schooling every day. Thank you for making a difference in my child's life.

Ms. Sheeba Moideen Parent of Nazia Moideen The Indian Academy

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