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LEAMS Education Outstanding Employee Awards for Academic Year 2023-24

We are thrilled to unveil a momentous milestone in the annals of LEAMS Education: the launch of the Outstanding Employee Awards for the academic year 2023-24.

This marks the inaugural occasion where we will bestow this esteemed accolade upon our exemplary staff members across our schools. We are immensely enthusiastic about acknowledging the exceptional contributions each of you brings to LEAMS education.

Award Categories :

Award Category Overview

The Award For Early Years Outstanding Teacher:

The Early Years Teacher of the Year Award for the outstanding FS/KG Teacher is a recognition of the teacher’s commitment to excellence in early childhood education and their contribution to the well-being and development of young children in their care, their families, and the wider community. We want to celebrate how their high level of enthusiasm, expertise, and commitment positively shapes children’s futures.

The Award for Making a Difference in Primary Education:

The Award for Making a Difference in Primary Education recognises a primary teacher who has significantly impacted the quality of primary education. This award may acknowledge the efforts of an outstanding teacher who has gone above and beyond to improve student outcomes, promote innovative teaching practices, and foster a positive and supportive learning environment.

The Award for Outstanding Middle Leadership Faculty of the Year:

This award is established to celebrate individuals from the Middle Leadership Team who demonstrate excellence in the application of leadership principles and who make a difference through the quality of their work, their global reach and outlook, and their contribution to community development. This award is of the highest stature and is presented to individuals who have surpassed several levels of excellence and set an example of being a role model for exemplary leadership- a leader who cares about every child, who frequently inquires about children’s learning and life out of school, and who ceaselessly monitors, evaluates, innovates, and encourages continual improvement from teachers at all levels.

The Award for Making a Difference in Secondary School:

The Award for Making a Difference in Secondary School is a recognition of the recipient’s outstanding achievements in improving the quality of secondary education, promoting innovation and excellence in teaching, and making a positive impact on the lives of students, families, and the wider community. The nominee should be an exceptional teacher who has demonstrated outstanding teaching skills, has a strong record of improving student learning outcomes, creates exciting learning opportunities, and follows outstanding assessment practices aimed at achieving exceptional board exam results.

The Award for Excellence in Special Needs Education:

The Award for Excellence in Special Needs Education recognises a deep commitment to inclusive education and the significant impact of the recipient’s work on the lives of students with special needs, their families, and the wider community. It is a testament to their dedication, expertise, and compassion in providing exceptional education and support to those who need it most. The recipient of this award may have demonstrated exceptional skills and knowledge in working with students with various disabilities, including physical, emotional, and intellectual disabilities. They may have developed innovative and effective teaching strategies, adapted, and differentiated the curriculum to meet the diverse needs of their students, and provided individualised support and accommodations to ensure that every student has the opportunity to succeed.

The Award for Outstanding Administrator of the Year:

This award is for the outstanding school administrator and covers all staff members under the Admin & Edu Admin category who have brought new ideas and enthusiasm to the school and an openness to learn to improve their skills. An inspiring administrator who has demonstrated a strong passion for school operations and support services and has developed a significant impact on all stakeholders. Your enthusiasm, creativity, and innovative methods have helped the school have efficient support services.

The Award for the Best Support Staff of the Year:

This award is for the outstanding support staff who have gone above and beyond to support the housekeeping services of the school and go the extra mile by actively contributing to all school events and DSIB inspections, and by always keeping the school safe and clean by adhering to child safeguarding guidelines.

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