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Shiny Davison, Principal, The Indian Academy, Dubai

Could you provide examples of careers where practical learning experiences are particularly valuable for future success?

Practical learning experiences are the cornerstone of a meaningful education. Internships, apprenticeships, and hands-on training provide invaluable preparation for students’ future careers across diverse sectors like healthcare, business, technology, and the skilled trades. Educators should foster partnerships with local employers and industry groups to create these experiential learning opportunities.

Workplace exposure helps students apply academic knowledge, develop technical and soft skills, explore career interests, and build professional networks.

What strategies can educators implement to help students identify their interests, strengths and potential career paths from an early age?

To nurture our youth’s potential, educators must guide students in discovering their innate talents and interests from a young age. Annual career fairs, job shadowing, guest speakers, and aptitude tests help students identify promising career paths aligned with their strengths. Mentorship programmes that pair students with professionals enable meaningful connections.

Starting career counselling in the late primary years allows students to shape their studies accordingly. Our role is to plant the seeds and help students bloom into competent professionals.

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