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The Oxford School

Over the years, we have developed our school on a foundation based upon effective management, committed staff and regular assessment of pupils work. Our mission is to empower our students with knowledge, skills, character and a passion for learning so as to enable them to thrive as contributing citizens in a diverse and changing society.

British Curriculam

The Oxford School

Language(s) of Instruction
Fee Range
Ms.Daspo Yiappos
3 to 18 Years
AED 13,000-20,000
Al Muhaisnah
Briritsh Curriculam
Founded in 1988, The Oxford School, Dubai, is a leading British curriculum school in the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the LEAMS education group of schools in Dubai.

LEAMS is dedicated to offering affordable world-class education to students over the last 40 years and has impressively established its presence in the region’s education industry.

At TOS, our approach towards teaching is primarily focused on preparing students for the future by providing an environment that expands their imagination beyond mere grades. We believe our children are uniquely talented and have great potential. It is therefore our constant endeavor to ensure that each child recognizes their talents and achieves their potential to the fullest.

The school opens admissions to pupils from foundation stage to Year 13. The school is committed to providing education of the highest standard. Education at our school looks at learning at all facets and angles to help each child realize their potential. It is an education that provides skills, ethics and confidence that children need to grow into exceptional adults.

At the Oxford school, we believe that the school should be enjoyed rather than endured. In an atmosphere of positive nurturing and encouragement, the school provides an educational experience which is designed to maximize the potential of its students. It also challenges and supports them to become confident, competent, and contributing members of a global society. A well-planned academic schedule, extra curricular activities and thriving school house system, all contribute towards making school a memorable experience for students.

We also strive to bring about a working relationship between the child’s home and school, considering the individual needs of our pupils is an important part of the school’s philosophy over the years. We have developed our school on a foundation based upon effective management, committed staff and regular assessment of pupils work.

The Oxford school believes in working partnership between all stakeholders, students, parents, and academic faulty. The school board and administration – all have an important role to playing working towards the achievement of our school mission

Welcome Message From The Principal

Welcome to The Oxford School, a part of LEAMS Education. On behalf of our entire team, we are incredibly excited to have you as a member of our educational community.

I am very honoured to have the opportunity to lead the community of Oxford School into the new post pandemic era where we will reconnect with our values of Excellence, Creativity, Collaboration, Respect and Honesty…



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